Howard and Faye Abernathy

Family means something to retired Oklahoma educators Howard and Faye Abernathy. That’s why, several years back, they dropped everything and moved from Muskogee to Okay to care for Howard’s elderly mother. After his mother passed, Howard and Faye wondered if they would ever be able to return to Muskogee, where they had built their life together.

They wanted to buy a home, but with their age, they just didn’t think it would happen. The Abernathy’s needed a house that could accommodate their family during the holidays, but one that wouldn’t generate immense utility bills. The couple looked at house after house, and finally found the perfect one. To help them overcome the hurdle so many potential homebuyers face of gathering the necessary up-front cash, their mortgage banker turned to REI Down Payment Assistance.

Being back in Muskogee has meant so many good things for them both – Howard’s lawn care business has flourished and so has his domino game. Being in town gives Faye the chance to do things she enjoys, like volunteering and keeping up with friends.

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