Prince and Shekira Barnes

For Prince and Shekira Barnes, their home buying adventure began by going to get a paper every Sunday, and thumbing through it to find the home of their dreams.  They eventually found a few houses that they liked, and started visiting with local realtors and lenders in the Muskogee area.  The couple had rented and owned a mobile home in the past, but they were really wanting a place they could personalize and make their own.

As with most folks, they were a little concerned about the complexities of buying a home and Prince spent some time searching online for resources to help them through the process.  That’s when he discovered REI Down Payment Assistance, and the rest is history.  Prince admits that he was a little surprised at how well the program worked and how easy it was to use.

Now, with a little help from REI Down Payment Assistance, they are creating an investment for their family instead of throwing money away on rent each month and Shekira has a place to create a family tree mural on the living room wall.

For more information about the REI Down Payment Assistance program, call 800-658-2823.